Cleaning & Surface Preparation Products

BEHR Premium All-In-One Wood Cleaner (NO. 63)
  • Formulated to clean, brighten and condition exterior wood surfaces prior to applying stains, finishes or paints
  • Removes mold, mildew and household stains
  • Cleans new or weathered wood, including pressure treated, and removes mill glaze from new wood allowing better penetration of stains, finishes or paints into the wood
  • More effective than pressure washing
  • Recommended dilution ratio of 1:1 with water
  • Extremely effective when removing unsightly discoloration on woods with tannin bleed, especially Redwood and Cedar
  • Restores the natural "new look" when used on wood turned dark from weather exposure
  • Removes iron rust and red clay stains on all types of surfaces including vinyl, aluminum siding, concrete, patios and decks
  • Removes surface rust from plastic coated outdoor furniture
  • Ideal for removing rust caused by sprinklers, water, air conditioners, outdoor wrought iron furniture, nails, bikes, cars and tools
  • Can be used to clean previously painted or stained surfaces
  • Ideal for exterior wood decks, siding, shakes, shingles, fences and furniture, vinyl, aluminum siding, masonry, stucco and cement 
BEHR Premium Wood Stain & Finish Stripper (NO. 64)
  • Ready-to-use, exterior stripper
  • Formulated to rapidly remove existing oil and latex coatings such as sealers, waterproofers and 100% Acrylic Stains
  • Removes loose wood fibers to help ensure a sound surface prior to staining or painting
  • Perfect for both horizontal and vertical wood surfaces
  • Ideal for use on wood decks, siding, fences, shakes and shingles
  • Not for interior use or on aluminum surfaces
BEHR PREMIUM® Concrete & Masonry Degreaser & Cleaner (No. 990)
  • Powerful citrus-based, multi-purpose cleaner formulated to clean grease, oil, algae and mildew stains, dirt, and most auto fluids from concrete surfaces prior to painting and staining
  • Ideal for removing surface dirt and grease from uncoated concrete surfaces.
  • Use full strength for tough stains or diluted to make up to 5 gallons for general cleaning.
  • This easy water clean-up product is safe for use indoors or outdoors.
  • Ideal for use on coated or uncoated surfaces such as: garage floors, driveways, patios, walkways, porches, basement floors, concrete, brick, stone, asphalt and exposed aggregate.
BEHR PREMIUM® Concrete & Masonry Cleaner & Etcher
(No. 991)
  • Multi-purpose biodegradable 2-in-1 cleaner and etcher formulated to remove grease, oil, auto fluids, rust and red clay stains, from concrete and masonry surfaces.
  • Prepares interior & exterior concrete and masonry surfaces for painting, staining and sealing.
  • Use on interior & exterior bare concrete, cement and cinder block surfaces such as garage floors, driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, basement floors and walls. 
BEHR PREMIUM® Concrete & Masonry Paint Stripper (No. 992)
  • Powerful biodegradable stripper that removes multiple layers of coatings on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Formulated to strip stains, epoxies, urethanes, elastomerics, alkyds, sealants and most architectural coatings.
  • Designed for interior and exterior metal, masonry, stone, brick and concrete surfaces.
  • Ideal for use in garage floors, driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios, basement floors and concrete walls

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