ColorSmart By BEHR

ColorSmart by BEHR™
  • Interactive color design program that revolutionizes the color selection process by giving the consumer confidence to choose the right paint colors for their home
  • Offers hundreds of color choices and simplifies the color coordination process; in essence, it makes the end user “color smart”
  • Defines boundaries that work for a variety of colors making it nearly impossible to choose unsightly palettes
  • Available at an in-store interactive kiosk at The Home Depot® paint department and online at
  • Color design tool is free of charge for consumers
  • Offers consumers a wide selection of inspirational color palettes to choose from
  • Allows consumers the ability to visualize coordinated colors in an interior or exterior room scene that reflects the personal styles they pre-select
  • Provides consumers with a sheen selector, paint calculator, instant color coordination tips, “how-to” tips and supply list that can be printed out
  • At The Home Depot paint department, consumers can also use the program’s spectrophotometer available within the kiosk, which allows consumers to bring in their favorite color sample, simply scan it, and receive a paint formula within 60 seconds; this makes it possible to “color match” a color and then coordinate to it
  • A spectrophotometer is a photometric device used for the measurement of spectral transmittance, spectral reflectance, or relative spectral eminence; in general terms, it’s a color measurement tool that allows consumers to generate a paint formula based on the color of their favorite inspirational object

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