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The Behr Paint Research Center in Pune, India has played a vital role in conducting research and developing new products formulas since its establishment in 2006. Today, Behr Paint Company has more than 140 team members across multiple departments in India including research and development, IT, procurement, and people services.

Recently, team members in India gathered for a celebration of India’s 75th Independence Day Holiday and Behr Paint Company’s 75th anniversary. The event was a celebratory time with team members wearing traditional clothing from their home states, colorful sweets and decorations around the facility in the iconic green, white, and orange colors of India's flag. The team also created rangoli designs on the floor by hand, an ancient Hindu art form from India drawn in the homes, courtyards and walls, to celebrate special occasions.

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Handwoven rangoli designs

“The Behr Paint Research Center team has been a vital role in our success,” said Steve Waterman, Vice President of Research and Development, who attended the event. “We are so happy we were able to participate in both of these amazing 75-year milestones and honor both Behr and India’s history.”

This year couldn’t have been a better time to celebrate both occasions and we look forward to continuing celebrating the achievements of our team members.