The BEHR® BioNature Collection includes the 2023 Color of the Year, Blank Canvas (DC-003) – a warm and restorative white as seen in this open workspace.

Behr Paint Company is debuting the BEHR® BioNature Collection, a nature-based paint color palette informed by biophilic design concepts—bridging outdoor and indoor elements and bringing a sense of harmony and wellbeing to any built environment. The collection will be unveiled to designers and industry professionals at NeoCon, one of the largest interior design conferences in the U.S., held in Chicago June 12 to June 14

"We recognize the restorative effects of connecting commercial spaces where we work, eat, play, learn and more with the natural world," said Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Color & Creative Services at Behr. "The BioNature Collection offers designers and paint professionals intentional colors that embrace the relationship between indoor and outdoor environments and elevate the human experience for optimal wellbeing and productivity."  

Glazed Pot (PPU3-15), Gardener’s Soil (MQ2-54), and Cotton Grey (HDC-NT-20) by Behr work together to bring harmony in this multifamily property.

Commercial designers carry the critical responsibility of creating spaces that impact daily lives and are more focused than ever on blending indoor and outdoor spaces. As the built environment evolves and the need for inventive spaces for workplace, healthcare, multifamily and hospitality settings grow, research shows that people are spending much of their time indoors. In fact, Americans spend 90%1 of their lives indoors, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. These findings were the inspiration behind the BEHR® BioNature Collection, which includes a palette of five color themes that provide the vision for connecting distinctive moods with colors that reflect elements from the natural world.

  • Restorative White: From the snow on the ground to the clouds in the sky, whites bring to life a feeling of serenity. Warm or cool, each hue provides peace in every space.
  • Refreshing Botanics: Forest escapes and immersive nature experiences are at the heart and soul of wellness. Bold greens are invigorating and restorative while deep shadowy tones feel grounded and nurturing.
  • Coastal Melody: The coast is a place where land meets the water, inviting you to enjoy the view at the edge of the world's oceans, lakes, and streams. Effortless blues reflect the scenery in fleeting and fluid colors, capturing every mood from stormy to serene, brilliant to nuanced.
  • Soothing Skies: The skies above inspire with an ever-changing shift in light, shape, and color. Fresh air and warm sun sustain all life on earth. Like a summer sunrise, easy-going pastels range from soft apricot and gentle yellow to blush pink and meditative lilac.
  • Connected Earth: Inclusive of desert sands, mountain stones and clays which evoke stability and versatility, grounding organic tones represent a deep connection to the earth.

The interactive booth at NeoCon featuring the BEHR® BioNature Collection will be located on the 7th Floor at #7-4078. Designers and paint professionals can learn more about the BioNature Collection at