Behr Paints Introduces A Colorful New Way to Paint and Prime All In One with BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior
Features BEHR Colors: Zen UL220-14, Ultra Pure White Ul260-14
Santa Ana, Calif.
New line offers premium products, added value and a designer-inspired color palette for do-it-yourselfers
A paint and primer in one, BEHR Premium Plus Ultra® Interior is the latest innovation from Behr Paints, the largest provider of premium paints and stains to the North American Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home improvement market.  With a paint that covers existing or uncoated surfaces without a separate primer, Behr saves homeowners time by reducing the need for multiple products. 
“BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior is the highest quality interior paint product that BEHR has ever made,” said Scott Richards, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Behr Process Corporation.  “And since you don’t need a primer and it covers in fewer coats, do-it-yourselfers get a great value along with the beautiful performance of Premium Plus Ultra Interior.”
Complementing the introduction of Behr's new Premium Plus Ultra Interior is the launch of a boutique, hand-selected palette of 386 colors that will provide do-it-yourselfers a canvas to express their tastes and creativity.  Featuring colors ranging from relaxing, organic-toned neutrals to more saturated and vibrant hues, the new palette was chosen to be easy to combine and pleasant to live with and help homeowners create harmonious, contemporary, classic and personal color schemes.
Formulated to deliver outstanding coverage, the paint utilizes NanoGuard® technology to help provide a denser, harder and more durable paint film.  When dry, BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior forms an extra-protective shell that resists moisture, stains and dirt.  This tougher paint film combined with a proprietary blend of mildewcides provides a mildew resistant finish.  Additionally, all sheens resist penetration by common household stains and abrasions, so spills and marks are easier to wipe off and clean.  Finally, the line features advanced colorant technology that offers higher hiding capabilities. 
The retail experience at The Home Depot® stores nationwide has also been refreshed with the launch of the new line.  Behr will debut a BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior Color Center that features a wide selection of take-away materials for consumers including palette cards, inspiration magazine color cards, mood/style cards, trend color cards and technology cards as well as a light-box for more accurate color determination.  Also available in-store, BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior will be offered in 8 oz. sample jars in an interior/exterior flat finish to allow visitors to experiment with color as they complete their design projects. 
Color experts at Behr have cultivated six design approaches featuring the unique four-color, leaf-shape mini-palettes created for the new BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior Color Center:
  • Casual Charm – Casual and inviting, uses simple, but elegant furniture and design elements such as attractively slip covered upholstered chairs.  BEHR colors featured: Green Energy, Retro Avocado, Sliced Cucumber, Ivy Topiary
  • Classic Ease – In traditional rooms, finely crafted furniture usually takes center stage and colors are selected to communicate comfort and warmth, while the organization of the room conveys a classic sense of order.  BEHR colors featured: Chocolate Swirl, Antique Copper, Toffee Bar, Basketry
  • Global Escape – Involves decorating without borders and connecting with colors, exotic patterns, shapes and unique objects from different cultures.  BEHR colors featured: High Drama, Spiced Plum, Tibetan Orange, Red Pepper
  • Graphic Elegance – In contemporary styling, structure, form and décor combine harmoniously to make rooms simple, yet classy, and fashionable.  BEHR colors featured: Pencil Point, Darkest Grape, Elephant Skin, Burnished Clay
  • Modern Oasis – The modern look features uncluttered surfaces and bold geometric forms.  These are accented by contrasting textures like tile and wood and highlighted with a few well-chosen ornaments and accessories.  BEHR colors featured: Golden Leaf, Pyramid Gold, Macchiato, Dusty Olive
  • Vintage Chic – Fresh, elegant approach that treats each room as a sanctuary, offering peace and serenity, and a reminder of earlier, and seemingly simpler, eras.  BEHR colors featured: Caribe, Ozone, Lunar Shadow, English Channel
Demonstrating advances in product formulation, Behr also developed the new line as a low-VOC product equal to the quality and performance of many higher-VOC finishes.  All interior sheens are less than 50 VOC.  BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior paint is offered in the following finishes: Flat Enamel ($30.98/gallon), Interior Eggshell ($31.98/gallon), Interior Satin ($32.98/gallon), and Interior Semi-Gloss ($33.98/gallon) and in Interior/Exterior Flat in 8 oz. samples ($2.94/sample).  The line is currently available at The Home Depot stores nationwide.

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