Behr Paints Introduces Reformulated Premium Exterior Wood Preparation Products

Santa Ana, Calif.
Improved Deck, Fence and Siding Products Help Homeowners Prepare Surfaces with Ease and Efficiency
In an effort to provide homeowners with the right tools to achieve a long-lasting wood finish, Behr Paints introduces a reformulated line of wood prep products.  Behr’s new Premium Mildew Stain Remover, Premium 2-IN-1 Wood Prep and Premium Stain & Finish Stripper provide superior performance and ease of application.  With improved speed and effectiveness, Behr’s wood prep program reduces the number of products and steps needed to properly prepare wood surfaces.
In addition to greater performance, Behr developed the new line of wood prep products to enhance and support environmental responsibility.  The reformulated products are biodegradable and offer easy water clean-up, while providing a safer and less-damaging wood prep process compatible with BEHR’s full line of exterior stains and waterproofers.
“Prep work is the foundation of a perfect finish,” said Tom Lee, Vice President Marketing, Behr Process Corporation.  “Behr reformulated its wood prep products to make the preparation process easier, and to ensure that homeowners achieve a beautiful, long-lasting finish on wood surfaces.”
Behr’s new line of wood preparation products include:
  • BEHRPremium Mildew Stain Remover (No. 62-N) - Removes severe stains caused by mold, mildew, algae and fungus without whitening or damaging wood and is ideal for wood and composite decking, brick, stucco and vinyl/aluminum siding.  It is enzyme-based and bleach free for both interior and exterior cleaning.
  • BEHRPremium 2-IN-1 Wood Prep (No. 63-N) - Formulated to clean, brighten and condition exterior wood surfaces prior to applying natural finishes, paints or stains.  It also removes light-to-medium mildew stains, rust and red clay stains, thus saving homeowners a step when prepping.
  • BEHR Premium Stain & Finish Stripper (No. 64-N) - Upgraded to remove all coatings including 100 percent acrylic stains and finishes, oil and latex finishes and waterproofers on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.  It is ideal for decks, siding, fences, shakes and shingles.
The new and improved wood prep products are ideal for use with BEHR’s full line of exterior stains and waterproofers, including BEHRPremium Solid Color and Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing Deck, Fence & Siding Stains with NanoGuard and BEHR Premium Weatherproofing Wood Finish.  BEHR Premium Mildew Stain Remover ($5.98 per gallon), BEHR Premium 2-IN-1 Wood Prep ($13.98 per gallon) and BEHR Premium Stain & Finish Stripper ($17.98 per gallon) are available for purchase exclusively at The Home Depot stores nationwide. 

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