Behr Paints Introduces Reformulated Concrete & Masonry Preparation Products

Improved product line provides foundation for a long-lasting finish, saves homeowners valuable time and supports environment

BEHR Paints 2-Part Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
Features BEHR Color: No. 950 Silver Gray
Oakville, Ontario
Helping homeowners achieve a flawless finish for their concrete and masonry surfaces, Behr Paints introduces three new concrete and masonry prep products.  Each product is biodegradable, user-friendly and easy to clean up using water, enhancing Behr’s environmental responsibility. 
Developed to provide specific prep products for every need, Behr’s Concrete & Masonry Cleaner/Degreaser, Concrete & Masonry Cleaner/Etcher and Concrete & Masonry Paint Stripper promote better adhesion and ensure complete compatibility with Behr’s full line of concrete and masonry coatings.
“Reformulated to be used safely and with ease, Behr’s concrete and masonry prep products provide superior performance and are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional prep products,” said Tom Lee, Vice President Marketing, Behr Process Corporation. 
Behr’s new line of concrete and masonry preparation products include:
  • BEHR Concrete & Masonry Cleaner/Degreaser (NO. 990-N) – Powerful multi-purpose cleaner that removes severe household stains on interior/exterior concrete and masonry surfaces using a citrus-based, low odour, non-toxic formula. 
  • BEHR Concrete & Masonry Cleaner/Etcher (NO. 991-N) – Uses a 1-step formula to prepare surfaces and remove grease, oil, and auto fluid prior to painting or staining, saving homeowners valuable time.  The 2-in-1 combination product is designed to both clean and etch bare concrete and masonry surfaces to improve penetration and adhesion of paints, stains and sealers.
  • BEHR Concrete & Masonry Paint Stripper (NO. 992) – Ideal for removing multiple layers of paint, stain, epoxy and sealers on vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is a high viscosity gel-like product that is a powerful, yet safe and low odor alternative to using Methylene Chloride-based strippers.
The new and improved prep products are ideal for use with BEHR’s full line of concrete and masonry coatings, including BEHR Wet-Look Sealer, BEHR Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain and BEHR 1-Part Epoxy Concrete & Garage Floor Paint.  BEHR Concrete & Masonry Cleaner/Degreaser ($19.97 per gallon), BEHR Concrete & Masonry Cleaner/Etcher ($23.97 per gallon) and BEHR Concrete & Masonry Paint Stripper ($32.97 per gallon) are available for purchase exclusively at The Home Depot stores across Canada. 

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