Behr Introduces Premium Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish in Time for Summer Deck Maintenance

Santa Ana, Calif.
New weatherproofer offers penetrating oil formula, easy soap and water clean-up and added protection of silicone
With summer just around the corner, deck maintenance is top-of-mind for many homeowners.  In a recent survey conducted by Probe Research Services, durability (the ability of a finish to wear a long time before having to reapply) and wood protection were the most important factors for consumers when choosing deck stains and waterproofers.  Other important factors include color retention, protection from the sun’s UV rays and mildew protection.  With that in mind, Behr Process Corporation introduces BEHR Premium Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish, a weatherproofer that offers the optimal durability and wood protection against harsh weather.
The new weatherproofer provides the penetrating power that oil-based products offer for durability and protection.  It also has the UV protection and fade resistance of acrylics.  However, one of the biggest advantages of the finish is convenience.  It can be applied to damp or dry wood and cleans up with soap and water, thereby saving the user time.
has also been added to the product to enhance durability, water repellency and color retention.  In addition, silicone, by its chemical nature, is exceptionally UV resistant.  Unlike wax emulsions used by other products, silicone does not appreciably degrade from exposure to the sun’s rays.
“We’ve created a superior product that combines the benefits of both oil and water-based products with the added protection of silicone,” said Tom Lee, vice president marketing, Behr Process Corporation.  “More than a waterproofer, this truly is a weatherproofer that provides durability and resistance to rain, sun, sleet, hail, snow and wind.”
In color retention testing, where wood panels were measured after 500 hours of simulated exposure[1], BEHR Premium Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish outlasted competitive products.  Likewise, in water repellency tests, the product outperformed competitive products after 500 hours of accelerated weathering[2]
 “BEHR Premium Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish outlasts competitive products in terms of durability, wood protection, water repellency and color retention,” said Lee.  “This is an exceptional product for homeowners looking for performance and time-savings benefits.”
Priced competitively, this new product’s water beading and repellency properties will last up to six years on vertical surfaces and up to four years on horizontal surfaces, thereby protecting decks, siding, fences, outdoor furniture, spa skirts, gazebos and trellis work from water damage.
Designed for use on all wood types, it is available in Natural Clear, Natural Cedar and Redwood, and is tintable to an additional six custom wood-toned colors.  The product can be applied to damp or dry wood, and can be used with a quality pump sprayer or airless sprayer with a variable tip working in small sections, followed by backbrushing to achieve a thin, uniform finish.  It is available at The Home Depot and hardware stores nationwide in one-gallon and five-gallon sizes. 
The average cost of building a new deck is about $6,000, approximately the same price as a new plasma-screen TV.  The process could take weeks to complete.  Yet, the average annual cost of maintaining a deck is about the same as going to dinner and a movie.  With the complete line of BEHR deck cleaning and wood protection products, a refurbishment project can be completed in a weekend.
Following are simple steps for annual deck maintenance that can help save household budgets and stop common deck problems before they become irreversible. 
Weatherproofing Your Deck Tips 
  • Get the Right Equipment:  You’ll need rubber gloves, plastic drop cloths (to protect flowers and vegetation), goggles, broom, hose with spray nozzle, good quality brush, 3/4" nap paint roller or pad with arm extension, paint tray with liner and deck stain/waterproofer.
  • Clean It:  Sweep your deck and remove debris.
  • Prep It:  Home Centers carry a variety of different BEHR deck prep products.  Depending on the condition of your deck, a finish remover, mildew stain remover, and wood brightener/ conditioner may be needed.  Before applying deck prep products, make sure that you are wearing protective goggles and gloves, and then follow the label instructions for application.  Most deck prep products are simply sprayed on, scrubbed lightly, then rinsed off.
  • Finish It:  Pour BEHR Premium Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish into a lined paint tray and apply using a pad, paint roller or brush. Coat a small area at a time, maintaining a wet edge when applying.  Always remove excess product and evenly distribute the finish by brushing backward on the surface during all application methods.  Apply product end to end or to board lengths to prevent marks left on the finished surface from one coat’s edge drying before the edge of the previous one, resulting in an uneven thickness.  Coat wood on all sides for optimum performance and always follow manufacturers’ label instructions.
  • Maintain It:  Decks should be cleaned regularly and recoated as needed, as fallen leaves and other debris can damage the finish.
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[1] Tested in accordance with ASTM G155 “Standard Practice for Operating Xenon Arc Light Apparatus for Exposure of Non-Metallic Materials” weathering cycle SAWJ1960
[2] Per ASTM D5401-93 “Standard Test Method for Evaluating Clear Water Repellent Coatings on Wood”

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