Behr’s Exterior Wood Care Center Helps Consumers Achieve the “Perfect Finish”

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Santa Ana, Calif.
WoodSmart By BEHR™ featured in The Home Depot stores nationwide
Consumers often seek guidance when choosing the appropriate prep, stain and waterproofer products for their decks and other exterior wood surfaces.  This guidance is especially important in the approaching fall months, when homeowners focus on preparing and weatherproofing their decks for the upcoming winter, so they are protected and ready to enjoy again the following year.  Behr Process Corporation has responded to this need with its Exterior Wood Care Center available at The Home Depot® stores nationwide.  The center includes an interactive tool, WoodSmart By BEHR, which makes it easy for consumers to select and utilize the appropriate wood care products in preparing, staining and waterproofing exterior surfaces.   
The Exterior Wood Care Center helps consumers define their new or existing projects and then provides step-by-step instructions for successfully completing the entire process, from surface preparation to weatherproofing and color selection.  Serving as a central location, the center contains preparation information, project tips, color samples on wood chips and buying recommendations for a wide range of exterior projects. 
The WoodSmart By BEHR interactive system leads consumers to a brief how-to video for their specified project needs by allowing them to choose what type of project they are undertaking (deck, fence, siding, furniture), the condition of the substrate (new, unfinished, old, worn finish), and the look they desire (clear, lightly wood-toned, semi-transparent, solid color) through a short series of prompts.  The video segments, which are also available in Spanish and French, demonstrate how to prepare surfaces, how to apply stains and waterproofers and what products are needed for the project. 
Accompanying the recent launch of Behr’s reformulated line of premium exterior weatherproofing wood stains and finishes, the kiosk has been updated to include a new video featuring step-by-step application instruction, inspirational imagery and more information about the 8 ounce stain sample program which allows consumers to test color and opacity before making larger product decisions or to use on smaller do-it-yourself projects.  Customers are also able to view and print more detailed how-to information from the Behr website at
“We developed the Exterior Wood Care Center to simplify the wood care process by providing consumers with the information and confidence they need to complete successful home improvement projects,” said Tom Lee, Vice President of Marketing, Behr Process Corporation.  “By using the right products and techniques, homeowners can enhance the beauty of their wood care projects and enjoy them for years to come.”
By showcasing 180 wood chips featuring different color stains and waterproofers, the Exterior Wood Care Center allows homeowners to visualize the final result and determine exactly what products they need to achieve their desired look.  Also, Behr’s Project Calculator helps to identify small, medium and large projects based on square footage and then gives a quantity recommendation to purchase.
Alleviating consumer confusion about exterior projects and instilling them with confidence, WoodSmart by BEHR follows in the footsteps of Behr’s tradition of providing practical and beneficial consumer assistance with tools such as ColorSmart By BEHR™and Paint Your Place™.

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